Cooking Classes


I offer cooking classes that focus on the minfdul praparation of food as well as how to engage the senses and experience the pleasure of eating.

I run small goups from my home or yours. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to request a class.


Plant Based Made Easy


  • Wondering how to do Meatless Mondays?
  • Thinking of trying vegan or vegetarian but not sure where to start?
  • Vegan or vegetarian guests coming for dinner?
  • Don’t know what to feed your vegan or vegetarian child?
  • Simply want to include more plant based meals in your diet?

In this class you will:

learn how to prepare hearty, nutritionally sound plant based meals the whole family will like, using regular ingredients available from grocery stores;

learn some basic recipes that you can also use in other meals;

find out how to stock your store-cupboard and fridge.

I am currently running a series of classes called Plant Based Made Easy, teaching what I know best, as I have been cooking for a family with varying dietary needs and styles for many years.


Please note that although I am experienced in plant based cooking, I do not prescribe a vegan diet to my clients, i.e. I support them in whichever way of eating works best for them.